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Tajuddin Munshi Senior Consultant | Middleware | Messaging | Kafka | Cloud

United Arab Emirates
AutomationCI/CDCloudConfluentDevOpsDockerGrafanaIBM MQIIBJenkinsKafkaKafka-ConnectKubernetesMessagingMiddlewareMirror-MakerOpenshiftPrometheusShell ScriptingUnixWebsphere Message Broker
Web, Software & IT

To secure a challenging and rewarding position with an established organization that can utilize my skills and where I can leverage my experience and continue to excel in this domain.

Competitive person with adjusting character according to the scenario. I would like to be a part of a crew that inculcates its idea in accomplishing the technical challenges and the business requirements and focuses the team players to work towards the zeal of the organization.

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. Middleware and Messaging Consultant with total experience of 7 years and 8 months. Currently working for Virtusa for client Emirates NBD at client location Dubai, UAE. Previously worked for Emaratech at client location Dubai, UAE for client The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai also previously worked for Tata Consultancy Services at client location Oslo, Norway for Client DNB Bank and at offshore location Kolkata for Client FriendsLife and AXA Insurance.
Expertise in Confluent Kafka, Zookeeper, Kafka-Connect, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Message Broker, IIB, and Cloud technologies, Openshift, Docker, Docker-compose, Kubernetes. Experienced in setting up Monitoring and dashboards through Prometheus/Grafana and automation through scripting and DevOps including Jenkins, CI/CD.
Possess strong analytical, troubleshooting and issue resolution skills. Able to work independently and cross functionally within a team. Ability to work closely with customer.


Programming Language:
ESQL, Unix Shell Scripting, PHP, JAVA, YAML

Oracle, MYSQL

Skills and Technologies:
Confluent Kafka, Zookeeper, Kafka-Connect, Mirror-Maker, Openshift, IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere Message Broker, IIB, Unix Shell Scripting, Docker, Docker-compose, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, Automation, DevOps, CI/CD, Jenkins, GIT
Domain Experience
Banking, Insurance, Retail
Unix, Windows, Cloud


Project: DaaS and Messaging Platform
Company: Virtusa
Customer: Emirates NBD
Location: Dubai, UAE
Duration: February 2019 to Present
Role: Senior Consultant – Technology
Skills and Technologies:
Confluent Kafka, Zookeeper, Kafka-Connect, Mirror-Maker, Cloud, Openshift, Kafka-exporter, Docker, YAML, Prometheus, Grafana, Jenkins, GIT, CI/CD.
Setting up and configuring the end to end ENBD’s Data streaming platform with Kafka on private Cloud OpenShift and Supporting the different environments.
Technical Lead for developing the entire data streaming platform from scratch on OpenShift in 5 environments including Production and DR as part of ENBD’s migration to Private Cloud.

-Creating and deploying multi note Kafka and Zookeeper cluster as containers with SSL and Scram authentication on ENBD’s PaaS environment.

-Creating and Configuring the PaaS components like services, Routes, Secrets, Config maps and Persistent volumes.

-Deploying and configuring Kafka connect containers as a multi node Connect cluster for facilitating communication between external Databases and ENBD.

-Updating the Connect Docker image to add the oracle drivers for ODBC sinks.

-Deploying and configuring Schema Registry.

-Creating Mirror-Maker image and deploying and configuring a multi-node cluster to facilitate cross data-center replication.

-Configuring JMX exporter, creating and deploying Kafka-Exporter image for fetching the Kafka monitoring metrics

-Interacting with ENBD’s different application teams and discussing the data streaming solution for their applications.

-Gathering the requirements and proposing the solution.

-Preparing the high level and low level design documents.

-Working with the application developers to integrate the different ENBD’s application with Kafka.

-Creating the application users, topics, groups and providing the Read/Write permissions for accessing the Kafka topics.

-Working closely with the application developers for resolving any integration issues.

-Resolving all issues related to platform setup and Production incidents without any third part or vendor support.

-Providing Production Support for Kafka and its related services.

-Lead SME responsible for creating the Disaster Recovery plan and managing and conducting the Kafka DR activity involving more than 15 teams.

-Developing scripts for automating the Production Kafka activities like creating topics, providing topic permissions etc.

-Setting up the Monitoring environment with Prometheus and Grafana and creating Dashboards for the different components involved.

-Working on CI/CD for different automation pipelines created for deployment and configuration of Kafka and related components.

-Setting up and supporting an end to end Kafka streaming Infrastructure on IaaS(VMs)

Project: Emaratech Infrastructure Department
Company: Emaratech
Customer: The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai
Location: Dubai, UAE
Duration: October 2017 to January 2019
Role: Middleware Consultant
Skills and Technologies:
WebSphere MQ V8/V9, Message Broker V8, IIB v9, Kafka, Zookeeper, Docker, Docker-compose, Kubernetes, Ansible, Prometheus, Grafana, Jenkins, GIT, Nexus, CI/CD, DevOps.
Description: Developing and maintaining Middleware IT infrastructure for various Dubai government projects. Setting up container environment with Docker and Kubernetes for new and existing environment along with working as DevOps Engineer.
-Installing, configuring IBM MQ and IIB Infrastructure and Supporting existing MQ/MB and IIB production and lower environments.

-Planning and working on Disaster Recovery for MQ/MB.

-Lead SME for Managing project delivery and implementing and establishing message communication between Oracle and Elasticsearch with apache Kafka as part of upgrading profile search solution for Dubai Immigration:

-Configuring end to end streaming data pipeline with apache Kafka on Production and lower environments.

-Configuring additional software involved like Zookeeper, Kafka-connect, Kafka-control manager, Elasticsearch, Kibana , Nginx.

-Setting up monitoring environment using Prometheus/Grafana for monitoring the different components involved.

-Developing automated scripts for fetching and alerting different metrics for the technologies where standard monitoring tools was not available.

-Setting up container environment with Docker/Kubernetes for the project in test environment as part of future plan of migrating to container platform.

-Implementing performance tuning for the different products for maintaining industry standards.


-Lead SME for on-boarding and setting up container environment for existing and upcoming projects using Docker and Kubernetes:

-Installing and configuring Docker, Docker-compose and Docker Network for running Docker images and creating multi-container environment.

-Creating Dockerfiles from scratch to install, configure and deploy IBM MQ, IIB, Kafka, Zookeeper, Elasticsearch, Nginx, Microservices and other dependent products on containers.

-Setting up multi-master Kubernetes cluster for container orchestration using Kubeadm on Unix environment.

-Deploying and scaling up pods, creating services to expose pods, creating configmaps to pass configuration files, creating persistent volumes and claims.

-Developing all yaml files for the different products involved  for creating deployments and services to expose the pods.

-Managing Kubernetes cluster through kubectl command line interface and through Kubernetes dashboard.

-Setting up Continuous Integration and Continues Deployment pipelines with Jenkins, GIT, Nexus and performing deployments as part of DevOps activities.

-Lead SME for working on POC’s for setting up PaaS platform with private cloud vendors like Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Openshift

Project: System Integation
Company: Tata Consultancy Services
Customer: DNB Bank, Norway
Location: Oslo, Norway
Duration: April 2015 to September 2017
Role: Message Broker Developer and MQ Consultant
Skills and Technologies:
WebSphere Message Broker V7.0/V8.0, IIB 10, WebSphere MQ V7.5, ESQl
Description: Developing and maintaining the integration modules of DNB Bank at Client location Norway.
-Interacting with clients and capturing the business requirements for different Integration solutions.

-Analyzing the requirements and preparing impact analysis document.

-Preparing the high level and low level design documents.

-Developing the Integaration modul as per the design directions.

-Installing Message Broker and applying the necessary patches.

-Creating Broker, Execution Groups

-Developing message flows with ESQL, message sets.

-Creating BAR files and deploying into development, UAT and production environments.

-Implementing different integration patterns like Publish/Subscribe, Request/Reply, Point to  Point, Synchronous/Asynchronous etc.

-Working with RFH2 headers and different message formats like ASCII,EBCDIC.

-Preparing test cases and performing unit testing.

-Developing modules and configuring Brokers for HTTP/HTTPS communication.

-Trouble shooting, identifying and resolving various infrastructure issues

-Monitoring Broker objects and performance tuning as per need.

-Providing support for Message Broker Production environment.

-Lead developer and designed for various Message Broker modues including a module integrating more than 25 DNB applicationS as part of a Mainframe application decommission activity.

-Lead Consultant for DNB for MQ migration activity carried out by third party vendors.

Project: AXA-TCS BaNCS Migration
Company: Tata Consultancy Services
Customer: Diligent, UK
Location: Kolkata, India
Duration: November 2013 to March 2015
Role: MQ Consultant
Skills and Technologies:
WMQ V6.1, WMQ V7.5, Unix shell script
Description: Integrating TCS BaNCS solution with existing Friends Life infrastructure to migrate AXA application to TCS BaNCS.

Establishing the complete end to end connectivity between AXA and BaNCS applications through WebSphere MQ messaging infrastructure.
-Lead SME for Implementing complete end to end MQ Infrastructure in Production and the lower environments for AXA Insurance.

-Installing MQ and upgrading to higher version.

-Creating Queue manager, Queues, Channels and altering them as per Production standards.

-Implementing MQ clustering on higher environments including Production.

-Implementing MQ HA architecture on Linux Cluster to support 24/7 business needs.

-Performance tuning the MQ configuration files for enabling increased connections and session time.

-Working with MQ trigerring, Dead Letter Queues and backout queues.

-Taking back up of MQ configuration files,properties and objects, restoring damanged Queue Managers.

-Applying complete Security hardening on the Queue Managers through SSL and Security exits.

-Switching existing MQ connectivity to new environment.

-Designing and implementing MQ Disaster Recovery.

-Creating the Queue managers key stores, generating and installing the SSL certificates.

-Trouble shooting and identifying MQ related issues and resolving the same within SLA.

-Developing startup script for HA cluster and the standalone Queue Managers.

-Developing menu tool using unix shell scrip for administrating and health check of Queue Manager and its objects.

-Developing scripts for automatic housekeeping of MQ logs.

Project: Friends Life Infrastructure support
Company: Tata Consultancy Services
Customer: Friends Life, UK
Location: Kolkata, India
Duration: July 2012 to October 2013
Role:Middleware Administrator
Skills and Technologies:
WMQ V6.1/V7.5, WMB V6, WAS V6.1, Bash/Shell Scripting
Providing Production support to the existing Friends Life Middleware infrastructure.
-Resolving Incidents raised with respect to the server and the applications.

-Configuration changes in the infrastructure components like WMQ,WMB, WAS etc.

-Installation and renewal of both self signed and third party SSL certificates.

-Identifying and resolving Deployment failures.

-Producing new and improve support documentation and procedures.

-Providing L2 support for WMQ, WMB and WAS.

-Creating and altering Queue manager objects, adding and altering security features for Queue Manager and its objects, Restoring damaged Queue Manager, resolving channels issues ,cluster and security issues.

-Deploying Message broker bar, administrating message flows.Configuring message broker toolkit, maintaining broker components.

-Conducting POC on MQ setup as per client requirement.

-Automating MQ and MB support activity by developing automated tools.


TCS 5 Years,6 Months
Emaratech 1 Year,4 Months
Virtusa 10 Months
Total Experience 7 Years,8 Months

-Received “ TCS ILP Kudos Award” on successfully completing TCS Initial Learning Program for taking the responsibility of Technical lead of the training batch.
-Received “TCS On the Spot Award” for successfully completing Disaster Recovery of the Friends Life infrastructure.
-Received “TCS On the Spot Award” for developing a message conversion tool to complete a critical delivery on time at client location.
-Received “TCS Certificate of Appreciation” for developing a search tool to resolve a critical issue within SLA.
-Received “TCS Certificate of Appreciation” for helping team in completing major deliverables within SLA.