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Food & Beverage Controls Management:

·         Making Comparison Actual v/s Consumption.

·         Daily Basis prepares (Food & Soft Beverage) Cost on Actual Consumption.

·         Daily Check & Updating of Spoilage & Discard item.

·         To Controls over the cost of goods sold.

·         Rate of Compression in the whole sale Market Rate (Important & Indian Provision Perishable & Butchery Item etc.)

·         Food Menu and Beverage Menu Costing.

·         Menu Engineer & Popularity Reports(Weekly and Monthly Basis)

·         Maintain Shortage & Excess Report

·         Prepare According to Parties Food & Beverage Cost Report.

·         Surprise Check of Receiving, Store, Cashiers and Operation.

·         Verify all Purchase Bills with the Contracts with the Suppliers.

·         Prepare Month end Cost Reports of all Income Head Cost Centers (Food and Beverage).

·         To keep strict Control over Consumption, Ordering, Spoilage as well as Breakage.

·         Prepare the high balance/daily flash & other reports as directed by CFO.


Auditing Management:

·         Daily Auditing of KOT’s / BOT’s According to their Serial Numbers.

·         Daily Auditing Sale Bills.

·         Daily Auditing of Void Bills, Complimentary Bills, Discounted Bills and Pending Bills etc.

·         Tracking Discounted Bills with the Regular Guest List or any other Discount Authorized by the management.

·         Surprise Audit of Cash float, Cashiers, Bar & All Stores.


Inventory Management:

·         Store & Kitchen physical stock taking Inventory Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis.

·         Store physical stock taking Inventory as per Requirement Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis.

·         Grocery & Perishable Store physical stock taking Inventory as per Month end Basis.

·         Kitchen physical stock taking Inventory on as per Requirement Month end Basis.

·         Maintaining Bar, Kitchen and Store Variance & Cost of Issue Reports.


Store & Purchase Management:

·         Maintaining the store (Food, Beverages, General, Printing’ Stationary, Glassware, Crockery & Cutlery, and House Keeping etc.

·         Receiving of all kinds and entered in the MMS (Material Management Systems).

·         Issues to the all Cost Centers of the Hotel & Restaurant and entered in MMS.

·         Maintain an up to date summary of current prices on food & beverage inventory stock, LIFO & FIFO maintaining.


09/2018-11/2018 Food and Beverage Cost Controller at MINI BURGER (Restaurants Chain, Doha, Qatar)