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Refaat Kassem Barge Captain OIM - Master SDPO

engineeringManagement & Finance


1-11-2121 Barge Captain OIM - Master SDPO at A.A.S.T.M.T

I am Master for Self Propeller Jack Up Barge & Capt.DPO
Certificate Held:
Master Unlimited & MPA Endorsement as Barge Master
Offshore installation manger person in charge , MOU Operations Course
Barge Supervisor MOU Operation Course
MOU Stability Course
5 Full DP Unlimited valid until 14/12/2022
6- Helicopter Underwater Escape Training OPITO Valid until 18/03/2022
7- H2S Approved, Since 2018
8- Marlines Test Result 93% Since 2018
9- Marine surveying ( Hull and Machinery ) Condition Survey issued on 24-06-2020
Issued on 18-02-202 Maritime Labor Convention ( MLC) 2006 Compliance and Application
Practical Application of ISM Code and Systems Audit. Including DPA Obligations Issued on 18-02-2020