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hatem elgoharey academic lecturer

giza, egypt

C. V

General Description:

Poet, translator, academic lecturer, and Cultural Director


Personal Data:

Name: Hatem Mansour Shafik Elgoharey (dr.H.Elgoharey)

Date of Birth : 18/10/1975      Age: 42 year

Nationality: Egyption

Place of birth: Egypt/ Governorate of Dakahlia/ City of Sinbillawin

Current address: Egypt/ Giza/ October 6 City/ Neighborhood  11

Cell phone: 0020 – 01006969067

E_mail: [email protected]

Scientific Qualifications :

PhD: Ain-Shams University/ Faculty Of Arts/ Department of Hebrew Language/  Entitled:

The Intellectual contents in David Avidan’s Poetry

An analytical Study

Date of obtaining the certificate: January 2015, excellent evaluation with a recommendation to print the thesis and exchange them with other universities.

Masters: Mansoura University/ Faculty Of Arts/ Department of Oriental Languages/ Division of Semitic Languages and Its Literatures/ Entitled:

Yitzhak Laor’s ideological and political trend

whale City “ , translating it’s poems      In his book “

A critical analytical Study

Date of obtaining the certificate: January 2010, excellent evaluation.

Pre-Masters: Cairo University/ Faculty of Arts/ Department of Oriental Languages/ Date of obtaining the certificate: June 2005.

Bachelor’s degree: Mansoura University/ Faculty Of Arts/ Department of Oriental Languages/ Date of obtaining the certificate:   July 2004

Academic experience:

A hole of 2 years teaching in 2 of the egyption Universities, for both postgraduate course and Bachelor  students

– 2016/2017 in Fayoum University, Faculty of Dar Al Uloom for both postgraduate course and Bachelor  students. Faculty Of Arts only postgraduate course

– 2017/2018 in University of Suez,  2 courses for Bachelor  students, first in Suze branch, second in City of Tur  branch.

Management experience

– Current Position: Supervisor of  Scientific Center for Translation, General Egyptian Book Organization (G.E.B.O), Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

– Director of the International Book Center, General Egyptian Book Organization (G.E.B.O), Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

– Translator/ Researcher  in Center for Information and Decision Support, General Egyptian Book Organization (G.E.B.O), Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

published Books :

– Progressive myth in Zionist literature, 2012, Cairo, first edition, Al hedaya Publishing house. (secomd edition 2014- General Authority for Culture Palaces).

– Egyptians between adaptation and revolution, 2012, Cairo, first edition, Publishing house: General Authority for Culture Palaces.

– Freshmen no matter what happens (Poetry), 2015, first edition, Publishing house: General Egyptian Book Organization (G.E.B.O).

– The prophecy of Zionism’s  ruination , 2016, first edtion, rawafed Publishing house.

– psychology of the political conflict, 2017, first edtion, cairo, al ain Publishing house.

– Hebrew Language  (educational book), 3 edtion (2016-2017)

Translated Books:

– Songs of innocence and experience (Poetry), by William Blake, first edition 2013, Publishing house: General Authority for Culture Palaces.

– Reflections on the Jewish Question, by Jean-Paul Sartre, first edtion 2016, rawafed Publishing house.

Under Publishing

– The Final Solution to the Arab Question(Poetry), translated from hebrew, by David Avidan.

– City of Whale (Poetry), translated from hebrew, by Yitzhak Laor.

– The Binary oF Myth and Reality in the egyption Contemporary Poetry (study).

– song of the world (Poetry)


– “State Encouragement Award” In social sciences – 2017 .. for the of translation” Reflections on the Jewish Question” and the The accompanying monetary study titled: ” Sartre between Zionism and the denial of the existential right of the Palestinians”

– “Sawiris Award” on literary criticism for  ” Progressive myth in Zionist literature”/ 2014

– hitting the short list of ” Award of the National Center for Translation” for the of translation Songs of innocence and experience/ 2014

Memberships and literary and cultural associations:

– Member of ” Union of the Writers of Egypt”

– Member of Cairo Atelier

– Member of the Oriental Languages Association

– Member of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

– Member of literary clubs: 6 October – Mansoura – Sinbillawin

Seminars and media meetings

– Participated in many conferences, seminars and cultural and literary meetings,  has also been hosted in several television and radio programs,   press interviews, which are on YouTube:


International Universities holdings:

– His books are acquired by a group of international universities, has reached 32 registered global libraries, among the universities and libraries of America, Europe, Japan and China..  According to” World Cat”


Articles and studies:

– Published dozens of studies and articles in several Egyptian and Arab newspapers and magazines which include : “Israeli Selections” Magazine, “New Culture” Magazine,  “Al-Ahram Evening” Newspaper,” Al-Badil” newspaper, ” Cairo” Newspaper,” Al Hilal” Magazine…

International conferences and scientific missions abroad

– Participated in the UNESCO regional workshop to activate the 2003 Convention  For the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage, cairo 17-20 march 2018, as head of one of the four Arabic Groups participated.

– Spokesman for the delegation of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture At the International Exchange Conference on the Intangible Cultural Heritage, Beijing, 10 September 2017

– Seminar on Chinese Experiences of safeguard of Intangible Cultural Heritage, 22 August-11 September 2017.

– Chief Researcher at the   “General   Conference of Egypt Writers” (2017) , which will be held in December (15-17) in Sharm El Sheikh, With a research paper Entitled: ” The future of poetry: the crisis of prose poem and the Egyptian community”

Training courses and general experience:

– Holds the TOEFL certificate

– Holds the “ICDL” certificate

–  Various experience in cultural management and public work, and organizing literary and cultural forums, conferences and seminars, as well as varied experience in editorial and literary editing.