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Bibi Hafza Riaz optimizer and quality auditor

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Company                                             :  Amazon (Chennai, India)

Designation                                         :  Associate Account Specialist (Optimizer)

Project                                                 :  Advertiser Success Team

Duration                                              :  May 2018 – Nov 2018

Region                                                 :  Amazon.com

Project Summary:

Worked on Sponsored Product which is a key program in the Amazon clicks advertising world.

It is a cost-per-click advertising program.

In support of the SP (Sponsored products) business, as an account specialist I work with a portfolio of accounts and own the complete responsibility of helping the advertiser to meet their advertising goals via opportunity identification and account optimization.



·         Based on the CPC (cost per click) we optimize the account of the advertiser based on his/her target

·         Overall checking his/her account status as per the standard and decide the bids, keywords based on the performance of the ad.

·         Have been the key decision maker as an optimizer to have the authority to suggest new keywords and bids also create new campaigns as per AE’s request.

·         Overall we also optimize the advertiser performance on daily based, monthly based, and yearly based as per the request.

·         We suggest new keywords so that the ad is shown of the advertiser on the first page based on his products, review and customer search he/she is eligible to win the buy box in Amazon.



Was a Successful Optimizer for multiple AE’s (Advertiser Executive).

Company                                             :  Amazon (Chennai, India)

Designation                                         :  Quality Analyst

Project                                                 :  Digital Imaging Service

Duration                                              :  May 2014 – April 2018 (4 Yrs)

Region                                                 :  Amazon.com/.in/.jp/.fr/.cn/.de/.mx/.uk

Quality Analyst with Imaging Associate at Amazon (May 2014 – April 2018)

·         Started working with the Imaging team since May 2014as Quality Analyst (QA)

·         I have worked in different fields like 3P audits, Vendor audits and Studio audits, where I audit images which are uploaded through different market region.

·         Considering my good consistency in my daily production I was entrusted to handle management reports.

·         During high inflows I was able to support all the requirements of the business which I was trained on.

·         Contributed in Documenting process wiki and SOP category-wise.

·         Maintained quality and productivity as set forth in my goals and completed all my process training.

·         Trained on Trouble Tickets Internally Supported for image issue through TT.

·         Single point of contact from India to update the SOP (Studio QA) followed across the globe.


·         Worked on a pilot project for Retail Web Lab Images

·         Audited 30416 Images with a team size of 10, Target timeline of 5days and task completed in 3 days of turnaround time.